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At Next Level Music we care deeply about the environment, but as musicians we're required to travel... A lot! We've been thinking about this problem for a long while and have decided to start operating, as of 2019, a new Green Policy, which will hold us accountable for our carbon footprint and do something positive to counteract the air miles we rack up in a year. We decided that donating to a charity that plants, restores and conserves rainforests would be the best way to do this, and there was one charity that stood tall above the rest... The World Land Trust.

Starting in 2019, we'll be making a monthly donation to the world land trust to fend off any emissions made during our work in the uk, which equates to just under 2.5 acres of rainforest protected per year.

For each international performance, next level music will be making a donation  to plant, raise & conserve an entire acre of rainforest.

We feel that if everybody does their bit, we can live in a better, cleaner world and leave the world in a better condition than when we arrived on it.

Furthermore, we've changed our search engine from google to Ecosia, a wonderful search engine that takes at least 80% of their profits from searches and converts them into trees, planted in communities that are now seeing real economic and environmental benefits already. At the date of writing this they have already raised funds to plant over 51,000,000 trees, an astounding achievement that we at next level music wish to support and promote as much as possible.

We're constantly looking for new ways to improve the way we do things, and to reduce any negative impact on our planet.


Please let us know of any further schemes or charities we can work with, we'd be very happy to hear about them!

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