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NHS Thinking of You - Next Level Music Charity Fundraiser Song

Lauren & Tim Reynolds on their NHS fundraiser song:

Tim: “My mum Caroline works as an NHS nurse & my sister in-law Tori is an NHS midwife, so supporting them & all the other NHS heroes through this Covid-19 crisis is an issue very close to our hearts. They actually both mentioned to us that they’d love to see a video by us & that it would cheer them & their colleagues up, so we went to work on it immediately. We wanted to put a smile on peoples faces, anyone who’s been affected by the coronavirus, anyone who works in the NHS & all the other key workers, then we had the idea to make it a fundraiser - this was the best way we could think of that we could show our love and support to them as musicians.”

Lauren: “I quickly contacted some superstar singers and Tim contacted some great musicians to get them on board. I arranged the song into a 4 part harmony and sent the individual parts out to the singers for everyone to learn & record, and Tim sent the musicians their parts for recording. We were pretty overwhelmed by the passion & effort everyone went to to make this happen, and so quickly. Once the recordings came back from the artists Tim went to work on mixing the audio tracks and putting the video together.”

Tim: “i’ve edited some very simple videos before, but I’d never done anything like this. With some advice from a friend who works in TV and a lot of patience, we gradually put together the video you see now - we’re so proud of it!”

The song has been shared hundreds of times, including posts by celebrities including Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Mel C, Lauren’s boss Rick Astley, Keith Lemon & Peter Andre to name a few. Over £3500 of generous donations has been raised (as of 6th May 2020) during a time where finances are uncertain for many. 

BBC News caught wind of the story & had the couple on the programme on the evening of 6th May 2020, see the interview here:

We want to express our huge gratitude to everyone who’s been involved in the making, promotion & fundraising - you’re all amazing, thank you so much! 

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